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3D Printing

We have printing capability with a wide variety of materials in both FDM (fused deposit method – plastic filaments) and photopolymer (Stereolithography – SLA and Digital Light Projection – DLP – Resins). We can provide advice on best process and material requirements dependent on intended use of product. We can print based on files provided or we can create the print file from scratch dependent upon your needs.

VR Walk Through Digital Twin

From Basic VR Walk through to commercial Digital twin Process or Insurance capture

Digital Capture 

From small to large scale we have capability to create a digital model which can be used for a variety of functions, from physical recreation of a small item to digital twinning and property walk throughs for estate agents to augmented reality we can cover it all with our combination of lidar, laser scanners, photogrammetry and drones.


With a background in joinery and a degree in industrial design our chief technologist Mark is more than capable of designing a product based on your needs and requirements or assisting in fine tuning your existing designs. This process being inclusive of material choice and engineered to deal with stresses and environment which finished product will be exposed to.

Reverse Engineering 

Have a product or part which you require but which is no longer available? We can take an existing part and reverse engineer for you. We have capability to scan part and to correct imperfections as a result of scanned part being used. We can then print the part for you in appropriate material, sizes range from 20 microns to 1 metre.


Unsure of your additive manufacturing/digital economy needs? We provide consultancy services to set-up operations requisite to your needs and requirement.


We provide both on-line and in-person courses covering a variety of topics in the areas of 3D printing, additive manufacturing from initial introduction to more advanced topics and processes.

Tech Support

Have your own printer but are unable to obtain the required results from same? We can assist in trouble shooting, optimum processes and owner maintenance in order to enable you to get the best results from your equipment.


Problems with your 3d printer which need fixing? We are certified technicians for ETEC (Envisiontec), Ultimaker and Raise machines and will also service a wide range of other makes.

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